Beginner trying to Install Cesium

Everything seems to be working following the instructions provided at, but once I try to actually create the server (“start your webserver by executing node server.js in root directory”), my command prompt almost freezes. I’m trying to install this on windows and am hoping for advice or better instructions or clarifications. They would be greatly appreciated, -Thanks

Hi Adam, what exactly do you mean by “almost freezes”? The command itself just starts the server so it will provide no output and instead just sit there. Once that happens, however, you should be able to browse to http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld.html.

When I open http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld.html in the chrome browser, it says “Cannot get /HelloWorld.html.” There must be some subtlety I’m missing or something.

Try the root folder, http://localhost:8080/

There should be a link to Hello World and others from there.


Thank you both for helping me figure this out. I just was saving things in the wrong directories. -Adam