Problem with v1.34 installation

I'm new in Cesium.
I'm trying to install v1.34 with the tutorial "Cesium Up and Running".
Everything works perfect.
After the installation of Node.js I get the expected results.
But when I try to run http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html, it does not work.All can I get is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
Any suggestion.

Hi Luis,

Could be a lot of different things unfortautnely. Can you post the series of command you used? Did you start your server?


  • Rachel

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for your answer.
I used the following commands:
In the Cesium root directory -> npm install
To start the web server -> node server.js
Then I got: Cesium development server running. Connect to http://localhost:8080
Also I have now a new file folder in the Cesium root directory called node_modules.

Hi Rachel,
It's working perfect now, running "node server.js", before the html.