Fail to link to the cesium server by other computers or mobile devices

Everything runs well in the localhost.
However, when I try to use other computers or mobile devices to link to the localhost by its ip number and port, it failed.
I use the node.js to build localhost, and I enter the ip number as
I have adjusted the firewall setting and the proxy setting, but it still shows the problem as the three figures attached.
The Cesium version I use is 1.56.1, and my computer operating system is win 10 , my mobile device is iphone X, and the browser is chrome.

How do I link to the local server by other computers or mobile devices? Could you give me more detailed explanation?

Please help me solve the problem, thank you so much!!

This is a bit outside of the scope of CesiumJS - I’d read up on general web server tools. I find ngrok ( useful when I have a local server I want to make accessible to other devices. You can also use a cloud based tool like Glitch ( to host your app when you’re developing it and sharing it with others.