Setting up a CESIUM server using OTHER THAN localhost


I've tried to load Cesium from the ZIP file on two different LINUX instances (both Ubuntu).

When I use LOCALHOST everything works great.


But when I try to use another IP# (same machine) :

( is just an example) I get a "server not found".

So WHY isn't the CESIUM server listening on all active IP#s?

I'm a UNIX/LINUX guy so I'm pretty sure I've disabled all
firewall stuff (for now at least).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working
as a generally-accessible server?

Charlie Lindahl
Texas A&M Health Science Center/Campus Operations IT

Try running
node server.js --public=true




PERFECT! That worked immediately.

WHERE is this documented?

PLEASE put this in the FAQ somewhere!

Many thanks .. tis great to have joined this developer community....


Glad to help Charlie
There is documentation for the options in the server file. You can see them with:

node server.js --help


Amazing! It worked right away. So appreciate it :slight_smile:

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