Run Cesium all over the network

Hope everything is great, I'm start using cesium to develop some scenarios with it, I have some questions of it, hope you can help

1. I’m running Cesium on my machine, I use the steps here to configure GitHub with Cesium (’s-Guide) but I just can run it with http://loclahost:8080 when I want to run it from another computer direct with the IP address I cannot access, do you know where can I add an option to listen on all addresses instead of just localhost??
2. In this same link they are saying the way that you can use Eclipse to start developing your own scenarios, so everything is configured but there is not any example on how you can deploy or build a project with eclipse to use it with Cesium, do you have any steps to do this?


David B.

Hi David,

  1. You may have to add an exception for HTTP in Windows Firewall (assuming you are running Windows). This isn’t an area I know much about. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

  2. See the Cesium starter app plugin:


Hello Patrick

Thanks for your response, I have added this exception to windows firewall but nothing is happening, I just can see Cesium with http://localhost:8080 and not with http://IPAddress:8080

I'm running Cesium with GitHUB and when I start the server I see this

C:\Users\SUPPORT\Documents\GitHub\Cesium\cesium[25 +1 ~0 -0 ]> ./Tools/apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant runServer

Unable to locate tools.jar Expected to find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib\tools.jar
Buildfile: C:\Users\SUPPORT\Documents\GitHub\Cesium\cesium\build.xml

[server] 2014-02-12 10:57:30: INFO: oejs.Server.jetty-7.6.3v2012046
[server] 2014-02-12 10:57:30: INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler.started o.e.j.s.h.ContextHandler{/proxy,null}
[server] 2014-02-12 10:57:30: INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler.started o.e.j.s.h.ContextHandler{/terrain,null}
[server] 2014-02-12 10:57:30: INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler.started o.e.j.s.h.ContextHandler{/,null}
[server] 2014-02-12 10:57:30: INFO:oejsh.AbstractConnector:Started SelectChannelConnector@localhost:8080

Server listening. Connect to http://localhost:8080 to browse examples.

Any other ideas? Thanks

David B.

By default, for security reasons, the “runServer” Ant task does not listen on all IP addresses. Try running ./Tools/apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant runPublicServer instead.

OK, thank you very much! everything is working now!

Have a good day!