remote Cesium operation

I have just recently begun exploring Cesium. Using the HelloWorld demo, I would like to demonstrate remote operation, however even after poking port-holes in our Windows firewall, the access is timing out.

The simplest demonstration case uses my desktop. Cesium’s server.js is running there on port 8080. The firewall allows inbound and outbound connections through port 8080.

As expected, http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html works. Likewise, works. However, times out.

This must be a firewall issue. What, in addition to port 8080, is needed by the helloworld demo?



Assuming you are using the development server that ships with Cesium, it defaults to local connections only. To enable public connections, just append --public to the command line: “node server.js --public”

Matthew, thank you ever so much! I overlooked that in the server.