Falling underground in multiplayer

The player falls into the Cesium terrain when starting multiplayer mode (we use PlayFab service). However, there is no such problem in single player mode. How can I fix this issue?

I’m not sure, as I’ve done little multiplayer and have never used PlayFab at all. Does the problem seem to be that the terrain doesn’t get load in time (i.e., the player falls through before it gets a chance to load)? Or is it not getting loaded at all? Or is it there, and yet the player goes through?

This section of the Placing Objects on the Globe tutorial may be relevant:

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the player is falling through the terrain even when the terrain is loaded.

I suspect the problem is that the server is the authority for physics, and it doesn’t have the Cesium tilesets loaded. You’ll need to make sure that Cesium for Unreal is running on the server, too, and that server-side player controllers reflect the actual player positions and are used to drive tile selection. Sorry I can’t be more specific there, but maybe it’ll help point you in the right direction. I’m interested to hear what you learn.