FBX models in Cesium


Just curious, are you interested in using FBX models in Cesium?

There is a new open-source FBX-to-glTF converter from Autodesk. Let me know if anyone tries it.

If there is interest, we will integrate this into our online glTF converter, which would eliminate the need for COLLADA, which has problematic exporters as many of us have experienced.



As written in the “colada to gltf issue”-thread (sorry, I’m not able to set a proper link to it…), I have some sort of a workaround with cityengine -> .fbx -> .dae -> .gltf. However, at the moment this does not work as well. So I tried to use this FBX-to-glTF converter. I managed to install (something), but I’m not able to get it to work. On my mac I built the described “Release” folder, but this contains only two .json and one .dylib file, so it seems to be clear for me that the command “glTF” (as written in the Usage Instructions here) does not work.

If anybody was able to get it to work and can tell me what I’m doing wrong, that would be great!


PS: And of course I would be happy if this converter can be implemented in the online/offline converter for cesium.

Hi Martin,

Have you tried reaching out to the FBX-to-glTF author: https://github.com/cyrillef

I’m sure he would be pleased to know that you are interested in the project.


I for one would very much prefer to use FBX inplace of COLLADA. Then I could skip the step of importing my FBX into Blender, doing my animation there, and then exporting to COLLADA.

it is a goodjob .i create models with 3dmax. if can use FBX, it is easyer to convert gltf.