Feature request - complex entites in Entity API

Hey guys,
I'm really happy to hear about the Entity API being on the roadmap for 2015. It is something that I really bave been missing building applications with Cesium.
I would like to suggest a few things I find missing in the current API.
1.Why should an entity be composed from only a single primitive of each type? I have several use cases in my app where I need to compose an entity from several billboards and labels. I would like to suggest making the primitives that compose an entity a bit more generic. Something like entity.addPrimitive or whatever.
2. I would like to compose entites out of smaller entities making my entities more component like.

What do you guys think?

  1. It is an architecture design choice that makes managing and visualizing large data sets easier to implement in a performant matter. One day we might support “MultiGeometry” type properties on entities, but not in the near term.

  2. This is something that is definitely on the roadmap and should happen sometime in the next few months.