Future for Entity API


I am very dependent of the Entity API in my current application.
I support rendering stored shapes as well as drawing shapes and have overcome many issues to get this to work both smoothly and performantly.

I now want to include terrain in my application, but only groundPrimitives seem to play nice with terrain. I started using primitives a ling time ago, but ran into many issue so changed to the entity api.

My question is what is the future for the entity API look like. Will there be support for draped shapes similar to the groundPrimitive? Also, is there a timeline for this?

I did so looking around in the roadmaps for Cesium on github but had a hard time tracking down any of this information.

Does anyone have any information regarding this?



Hi Zac,

Efforts for supporting entities on terrain have been going on for quite some time and we’re getting close to releasing initial support (hopefully by 1.23 on July 5th but that’s not guaranteed). There are some technical hurdles that need to be overcome and there will definitely be some caveats given the complexity of draping data in 3D in general, but we hope it will solve a lot of use cases for the community.

You can follow along with https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/3903 for details.



Thank you, that link is great. Looking forward this being released!