Textured Materials for GroundPrimitives and Entities on terrain coming in 1.46

Hi all,
CesiumJS is getting support for materials on GroundPrimitives and entities on terrain in 1.46!
This enables the oft-requested textured polygons on terrain.
There’s also a couple under-the-hood performance improvements for rendering large numbers of entities on terrain.

Please note that our implementation isn’t designed for high-precision mapping of features in textures to coordinates on the globe - it’s meant for applying patterns to polygons on terrain instead of as a replacement for Cesium’s SingleTileImageryProvider.
Of course, we can’t stop you from using it for something other than patterns, but please keep in mind that precision may decrease as the size of the polygon increases.

This feature also isn’t available yet for GroundPrimitives and entities on Cesium 3D Tilesets, and requires a WebGL extension not available in Internet Explorer and on some mobile devices, namely WebGL depth texture support.

Be sure to check the release notes in CHANGES.md, and expect a blog post soon outlining some of the geeky tricks behind this feature.