FireFox-18 disappears ImageryProviders

We’ve been developing on a 2 year old MacBook Pro and a 1 year old MacBook Air using Chrome mostly. It’s been working on FireFox just fine.

Until today when we upgraded to FireFox 18. Neither MacBook would render Bing, OpenStreetMap nor the static file providers.

We downloaded FireFox 17 and – surprise – the globe reappears. Woah.

Anyone else seeing this?


Hi Chris,

Yes, Firefox 18 has a web worker bug that broke Cesium. We merged a workaround to master yesterday. It’s been broken in Firefox Beta and Aurora for awhile now, but we didn’t expect them to push to stable without fixing it, since we had reported it. Surprise surprise. Fortunately the workaround was fairly easy.

For more info, see here:

and here:


Awesome, I had just run into this problem today with Firefox 18 on RHEL 6 but wasn’t sure what to make of it. Thanks for posting the workaround.

Outstanding, many thanks.