Fix camera position, use mouse click and drag to lookaround current point is space.

I want to implement a checkbox that allows me to fix the camera at its current location and use the usual mouse click and drag to rotate about a fixed position in space.

scene.screenSpaceCameraController.enableTranslate = false;

seems like it should lock the camera position, a translate is a movement in space, but after doing this I can still move the camera across the map.

The tutorial on

seems to have some of the functionality I want but is involved with the keyboard. I want to support this mode on a phone browser with only a touch screen with no key board.

It seems like this should be a fairly common scenario but I cant find a simple mode switch that achieves this.


Got this figured out. Most of the code I wanted is in the tutorial, just didn't need the key press handlers. Seems a very heavyweight solution for a simple behavior but I have what I need.