FloatingPawn doesn't place or show up in outliner?

When I drag the FloatingPawn into the viewport nothing happens and theres nothing additional being added to the outliner. I’m not able to set up the pawn possession or return to the same spot again. Other than that its working beautifully

Hi Kryptos,

The FloatingPawn has been deprecated as of Cesium for Unreal 1.3.0. Use the DynamicPawn actor instead. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues after switching to the DynamicPawn.


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Thank you that worked. May I ask as well before I jump into the documentation, is it possible to isolate certain parts of the map to create physical playable levels?

Currently, there isn’t an easy way to isolate certain parts of the map. You can still have designated playable levels, though. You may find what you need in the sublevels tutorial, which shows how to set up levels in different parts of the world. Does that work for your purposes?

After a quick skim yes I believe that will work. Again thank you for your prompt help. My goal is to create a cave diving/ horror game based in a real location. This seems like the best way available to get a realistic terrain of the remote area.

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Glad I could help! If you create any screenshots or demos using Cesium for Unreal that you can share with us, please let us know - we always love to see what users build.

Thanks again for the help. i just have to convey my Kudos to the staff who wrote these tutorials. They’re the most comprehensive, thoughtful and foolproof ones I’ve come across in years.

Figure I’ll share my progress if imgur links are permitted: Cerro Gordo Ghost Town in Unreal - Album on Imgur

Everything is all set to start importing some photo grammetry assets. Do I assume correctly that I’ll need a lot of custom ground coverings to compensate for the texture resolution and lack of unreal 'terrain" tools?

I’m so glad to hear the tutorials have been effective!

Your project is looking great - it’s a very cool premise. You’re correct that you’ll need a lot of custom ground coverings. We are hoping to implement more terrain tools in the future, but it is not immediately planned.

Some options for your workflow could include sculpting a landscape over the areas of your project where the player will be close to the terrain, or creating a custom procedural material to add fine detail to the imagery.

Depending on the performance requirements of your project, in some areas you may also be able to add a sufficient amount of foliage over the terrain to obscure the ground imagery.

Thanks for the suggestions. I was moving towards the landscape sculpt route and am hopeful based off what i’ve seen from Cesium so far, that there might be some tools to help generate such a terrain based on the elevation data eventually?

Also worth mentioning that I spoke with Google reps for this project and the google partner they teamed me with to help eventually told me they found my plan to use Cesium as the best course of action for the project. So you guys should be proud!

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