FlyTo Animation with Globe-center fixed in the middle of container div

Hi all,

I was using the Camera's flyTo function to animate from one country to another (specifically, to a destination latitude/longitude/camera height). However, the default flyTo animation is such that the camera first seems to zoom out, so sometimes the Globe actually moves out of the camera frame and then moves back inside the frame while the globe rotates to the destination completing the animation. It doesn't look very good (to the clients for whom I'm making an application for) when the globe moves out of the frame or towards the border of the frame. I would rather move to the destination directly (a specific latitude/longitude/camera height) with the shortest movement, rather than first zooming out and then back in, hopefully, with the center of the globe remaining fixed at the center of the container div throughout the animation. How can I go about achieving this?

Thanking you,