frame Cesium app

How do I get my Cesium app into ordinary web page?
I am albe to create full page app but I need to display it only as a small window.


Cesium is wholly contained within a HTML div with the id specified on this line
var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);

In this case the div id is ‘cesiumContainer’

I’m fairly sure you can move/resize this div just like any other div, and Cesium will auto adjust to fit the new div.

Hyper is correct, there’s nothing special about using Cesium in an embedded fashion, you just lay out your page as desired and pass the div element (or id of the element) you want Cesium to render into at the main Viewer parameter.

You’ll need to control the size of that div via inline styles or CSS.

example inline

Such an easy way. Thanks!
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