Free terrain service -- VR-TheWorld Online is down?

I’m trying to set up my dev box to point to a free internet-facing terrain service. In production, we’ll be on a network that has access to an ArcGIS terrain tile service, so I’m trying to avoid the hassle of handling an authenticated service just for my own dev work. I looked at the available Providers and VRTheWorld jumped out at me as having a service URL in the docs without needing a login or API key.

I tried the sample in the docs, as well as the Terrain example on SandCastle, and I can’t get it to load. The parent company’s page about VRTW Online is still there but doesn’t actually include a link.

Does anybody else use this service, or have more information about what happened to it? Alternately, is there another free online terrain service I could use? Even if there’s a very coarse static dataset I could download and host myself, I think I’d rather do that than have to deal with managing credentials. I just need to be able to turn terrain on to test some issues my users are having.

Hmm, the VRTheWorld example here fails in the hosted Sandcastle but works locally for me, because it’s attempting to load it over HTTP and the browser rejects that when Sandcastle is running over HTTPS.

Is that what you’re seeing too?

I thought I tried the URL as both HTTP and HTTPS, but just now I tried again and it worked – before, I was getting “{IP} is taking too long to respond” from multiple browsers. Maybe it was just “down for me”. The provider works fine over HTTP since I’m doing my dev work with Chrome’s disable-web-security flag anyway.

FYI, the docs do list https in the example code, and that definitely isn’t available, so at least it might be worth updating. I don’t know what to do about the Sandcastle, I guess it just won’t be possible to use them normally until they upgrade their server to support SSL?

Thanks for reporting this - I don’t remember the VRTheWorld example being broken, despite Sandcastle being on https for a while now. Opened an issue here to discuss what to do about the Sandcastle example: