Terrain Example Failed to Fetch Tileset

Hi, I’m trying to run the terrain code example.

where it uses the data from VRtheworld like

var vrTheWorldProvider = new Cesium.VRTheWorldTerrainProvider({

url : ‘//www.vr-theworld.com/vr-theworld/tiles1.0.0/73/’,

credit : ‘Terrain data courtesy VT MÄK’


But it says in terminal: an error occurred in "VRTheWorldTerrainProvider": Request has failed.

However, I can open the url www.vr-theworld.com/vr-theworld/tiles1.0.0/73 successfully, which is a xml file.

a strange thing is, at first it is not a xml file, it is a page with sentence Hawaii World elev layer to make cesium work right EPSG:4326, then jump to the xml file.

Is it the reason of failure? How could I fix it?


alright it works well locally.
the problem only occurs while running the example on cesiumjs website.

在 2016年1月18日星期一 UTC+8下午9:45:23,Phoenix L.写道: