load terrain data error

I try to load a terrain data, it has 0 and 1 folders. I got customized error information: Failed to obtain terrain tile X: 0 Y: 0 Level: 0. What’s that mean? It looks already loaded http://localhost/terrain/0/0/0.terrain.


If it downloaded that tile and then got that error, it probably means an exception was thrown while attempting to interpret the terrain data. Set your web browser’s debugger to stop on all exceptions and see where you end up.


Thanks Kevin,

it breaks at line 98076 invalid arguments

var heightBuffer = new Uint16Array(buffer, 0, that._heightmapWidth * that._heightmapWidth);

It sounds like your .terrain files do not have the correct format. Double check that the server is returning what you expect and that the .terrain files on the server match the format described here: