frustum with visible and invisible regions

How do I achieve this effect: visible and invisible regions, with frustum:

There are other demo:

This analysis plays an important role in the field of GIS,It's very practical!
But I went through the API, and I had no idea how to implement it

You’re right, this is definitely a useful feature! It’s currently available as part of the Cesium ion SDK, which includes features like these sensors on top of CesiumJS.

It’s not announced yet, but if you’re interesting in using this commercially reach out to Tim (

Thank you very much!Will this feature be integrated into Cesium.JS in future versions?Many users have such expectations

I think the goal is for these paid products to help support CesiumJS, which will always be free and open source. There might be exceptions but broadly speaking visualization features tend to go in the open source CesiumJS and analysis/measurement tools tend to go in Cesium ion SDK.