GeographicTilingScheme .tileXYToNativeExtent provide Extents in degree

I'm trying to contribute to Cesium and giving a terrainProvider compliant with WMS and geoserver.
In order to use WGS ellipsoid, I'm using GeographicTilingScheme and in the documentation, the method tileXYToNativeExtent give an Extent object where its attributes should be in radians (see Extents documentation) and not in degrees.

Maybe there is an inconsistency in GeographicTilingScheme.

My Bad, I haven't see all methods of GeographicTilingScheme...

Yeah, GeographicTilingScheme’s “native” units are degrees. You can use tileXYToExtent to get the extent in Cesium’s standard angle unit, radians. The documentation could certainly be clearer on this point.

Tiling scheme native units can actually be a bit surprising. For example, WebMercatorTilingScheme’s native unit isn’t an angle at all… it uses meters. Fortunately there’s very little code that should need to concern itself with tiling scheme native units.

I’m looking forward to taking a look at your new TerrainProvider when it’s ready!