Get boundaries of 3dtiles with mouse click.

Is there any way to get the values of the boundaries of 3dtile(building) with mouse click.I’m able to get the lat,long value of only one point of building.But i want to get all the lat long values of the boundaries of a certain building is it possible.I used this example to get the features of the tiles.I was successful to get the values of only one point.

You might be able to get the boundaries of the tile that the feature/building belongs to, but not the boundaries of the buildings themselves in that tileset since they aren’t stored in the feature table.

This would be something I think you’d need to store in the feature table when tiling the data. Are you using Cesium ion to create your tilesets?

I’m not using ion for creating 3dtiles. Will there be any problem with this.How can i get the boundaries of tile as you mentioned.

What are you using to create your 3D Tiles? You’ll have to see if there’s a way it can compute this data and store it in the feature table while tiling it.

I’m using FME for tiling.I tried in many ways to get the data in the feature table.But im getting the values undefined.

Can you describe how you tried to put the data in the feature table?

Now im using cesium ion to get the 3dtiles. Can i get the boundaries of the tile now?? Will it be possible? I checked all the properties of cesium 3d tiles.But couldn’t find any values.Please provide me suggestions.

I believe ion does not compute this right now, but it might be a feature worth looking at. I opened a feature request for it here:

Hi Omar,

Is there any update on this???

1.Is there any way to get the building ground surface and roof surface coordinates?


There hasn’t been any update yet, but it’s definitely something we plan to address. We’re collecting feedback to make sure it works for common use cases. What’s your source data that you’re uploading to ion? I think if ion captures height information in the CityGML, you should be able to figure out the ground/roof coordinates from that, right?

I am using cesium ion input file is citygml, converted in to cesium 3d tiles
format.even if we have height information, we are unable to extract the ground surface/roof coordinates while selecting the building.


If you have the location of each building, as well as the height, couldn’t you add the ground height (which you can sample from Cesium’s world terrain or ellipsoid) to the building height to get the roof coordinate? Or is the issue that the rooftop surface itself is uneven? Are you trying to position something on top of the roof? Another thing you can do here is use the 3D tiles clamping feature in CesiumJS to clamp an object to a surface like in this example: