How can i get the coordinates of boundary ( Lat and Lon ) of a 3DTile

cesium for unity is very amazing. i like it very much. thank u for developing the nice tools.
for some reason, i need to know the coordinates of 4 corner points of each 3DTile in my scene. is there any function to get that ?

Unfortunately it’s not quite possible. There is a Cesium3DTile class that has a bounds property, but we only use it for CesiumTileExcluder. It sounds like you’ll want to access it whenever you’d like.

If you want, we can treat this as a request to expose the Cesium3DTile information without needing a tile excluder. We track feature requests as Github issues, so feel free to open an issue for this there.

thank u for your reply. well, ok, i have changed my design to avoid this . so , every thing is all right now. :grin: