Getting Tileset input type (Photogrammetry, Point Cloud, BIM)

Is it possible to get the input type of a Cesium3DTileset? As in the type the tileset was tiled. Such as: Photogrammetry, Point Cloud, BIM.


Hi Tom,

Currently it is not possible to get the input type of a Cesium3DTilset post-tiling. This is partly because a tileset can have multiple types in it. We are considering implementing this to show all types in the tileset in our roadmap.

On that note, we would love to know how you are planning to use this feature. What kind of project are you working on?

That’s great thanks Dzung, we can go a different route so no worries there.
Sure, we would like to know the tileset input type as we’re going to be showing different options to the user when the tileset is selected, depending on the input type. Glad to see it’s on the roadmap!