Use of different types when tiling a 3D object

Hi, we would like to know about the effects of using different types such as PHOTOGRAMMETRY, 3DSCAN, CAD, BIM and OTHER while tiling the 3D objects using Cesium offline tilers. Could you please share some information on each of these and also is there any changes in rendering quality when we use each of these types. We would also like to know which one of these can be used as default for the best rendering quality. Thanks.


To be able to provide you with a sufficient answer, I would need to know your particular use case. What are the most common formats and data types you are working with? For things like photogrammetry, CAD, BIM you would usually use the model tiler.

The answer to your question about which can be used for default rendering quality is that it depends upon the type of data you are processing. You can learn more about what types of data each of the offline tilers are using here: Tile & Host On-Premises – Cesium