Glb/Gltf object is not stable when using terrain map

I’m using resium and used Entity as a marker as

name= ‘Home’
model={{uri: PinPoint, minimumPixelSize: 65, scale: 0.0075}}
position={Cartesian3.fromDegrees(Number(props.position[1]), Number(props.position[0]))}

This is working fine when I don’t have terrain/elevation on the map but as soon as I adds terrain to the map using this method “const terrain = Terrain.fromWorldTerrain();”, and adding terrain prop to the Viewer, terrain is coming but now marker/entity is not stable and on rotating map it looks like marker is moving.

I want my marker to still be attached to that particular place, it should not move on dragging/moving map.

Feel free to ask follow up questions or screenshot if still my question is not clear.

Hi there,

is not stable and on rotating map it looks like marker is moving.

Is it changing height based on the loaded terrain, or is the position changing entirely?

It is changing based on the loaded terrain. Any leads on like how to avoid it ??

I’m not sure how this applies to Resium (that’s a third-party, community maintained plugin to CesiumJS), but in CesiumJS you can set the model entity’s HeightReference to NONE in order to keep it at the original position/

Thanks 3000, it helped !!