Globe Aware Third Person Character for Multiplayer. How?


I’m working on a multiplayer project in UE 5.1. Is there an existing documentation on how to create a Globe Aware Third Person Character for Multiplayer? I looked into this guide on creating custom controllers, but it does not show how to create your own Globe Aware Third Person Character. The existing DynamicPawn seems to be the only reference available.

Also, where is the Keep World Origin Near Camera? It can no longer be found in the CesiumGeoreference details panel.

We don’t have any existing documentation on that, because it’s a fairly unusual thing to do. Typically, users use “normal” third person characters within a single smaller area (for example, see Level 3 in the Samples). Or they create sub-levels for multiple locations on the globe and let the user move between them either by teleporting or by using something like our DynamicPawn. After all, it would take a long time to cover globe-scale distances with a character running on the ground, right?

If I were going to try to make a third person character globe aware, I’d start the same way as for any type of Actor: add a CesiumGlobeAnchor component to it. That might be all you need. Of course, you’d still have the problem that a character on the other side of the globe from the origin would be upside-down in the UE coordinate system, and so gravity would make it fall off the surface.

Keep World Origin Near Camera no longer exists in UE5 because its support for double-precision coordinates usually makes it unnecessary, and it causes more problems than it solves. I’d recommend moving the CesiumGeoreference origin instead if you need to do an origin rebase to keep coordinate values small.

Thanks for the information.

Indeed the problem I have right now is the direction of gravity when two Third Person Characters are located in the opposite ends of the globe. I’m figuring out how can one user seamlessly fly to the other user. I will try reverse-engineering the GlobeAwareDefaultPawn.