glTF model contains unsupported extension?


Converting a glTF to Draco glTF
command line

gltf-pipeline -i bd01.gltf -o bd/bd01.gltf -d -t

Error uploading draco compressed gltf to Cesium ion

"We were unable to process your data due to the following issue:
Error: glTF model contains unsupported extension.
File: bd01.gltf
Extension: KHR_draco_mesh_compression
Read about what data formats are supported on Cesium ion. "

glTF model contains unsupported extension


Cesium ion currently does not support Draco-compressed glTF assets as the input. In order to upload your glTF to Cesium ion, just upload the original model directly, without applying Draco compression via the gltf-pipeline first.

But note that you can enable Draco compression for the output for 3D Models - and in fact, this is enabled by default:

We are considering to add support for Draco-compressed inputs, but note that Draco compression is lossy. When the input already had a high compression, then this might negatively affect the quality of the results. When the input is not compressed, then Cesium ion has all possibilities to optimize the data, and only apply the lossy compression of the output as the last step.


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