.gml import error

Hello there! I have been trying to import some .gml files into Cesium ion and I can’t figure out what is wrong with my file.

When I import it I get an error message saying the following;
Error: Invalid File File: 4917.gml **Additional Information**: CityGMLElementParser::endElement called on unbound CityObjectElementParser object for element <core:cityobjectmember> at line 3, column 940

The reason why I am using CityGML is so that I don’t have to manually fit every tile. It also makes sure that it snaps on the ground that I want to use…

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Link to file;

Thank you in advance,

Thanks for the report, Remy, and I apologize for the issue. At first glance, this looks like it may be a CityGML v3 file. Can you confirm?

I’m not sure the CityGML tiler has support for 3.0 at this time, but I will check internally with the team. Either way, I’ll make sure we write up a bug and get this looked at but an’t provide an ETA at this time. At the very least we should provide a more useful error.

Thank you for your quick response!

You are correct! If I am not mistaken this should be a version 3.0 file. I will see if I can somehow convert this to a version 2 or 1.

I am glad you will check this out and help others like me in the future.



Fixed by getting a workaround;