Problem with uploading of CityGML to Cesium Ion

I am getting the following error after uploading a CityGML file to Cesium Ion:

We were unable to process your data due to the following issue:

Error: Invalid File
File: Riverside_LOD2City.gml
Additional Information: Sequence parser was bound to container element <gml:trianglepatches> but found unexpected end tag <gml:triangulatedsurface> at line 14770, column 27

Read about what data formats are supported on Cesium ion.

The GML seems to be fine but I have attached it (21.4 KB)

Hey Andre,

It does look Cesium ion is reporting this as an invalid CityGML. What are you using to view this file? Or what did you use to generate/export it?

Hi Omar

I am using an FME workflow to convert an IFC file to CityGML.

Hi Andre ,
i am working on a project :" developing a web app to convert ifc files to citygml files in order to visualize them on cesium " . Please tell me if you had succeed with that ? i mean to automate the conversion using FME ?
Thank you .