Google Earth Enterprise server display road data like Cesium.BingMapsStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS

I am using the Google earth imagery provider for cesium to display my enterprise earth server data on the globe. I am wondering what I need to do to get the road detail to display? I have seen where in the bing maps examples you use mapstyle set to Cesium.BingMapsStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS to get road data to display. Is there a way to do this for a Google earth enterprise server backed cesium globe? Is there a setting to get it to start displaying roads, political boundaries etc at a certain zoom level?
Cesium is a great product, thanks for your time.

I believe Bing maps with labels has the roads, borders, and labels mixed in with satellite imagery into a hybrid image, then sends the hybrid image over the net. It would be nice if maps like Open Street Maps would be mostly transparent, then overlaid satellite imagery at the client. Then you can mix and match map sources with satellite image sources. Map sources could be pre-rasterized or vector based then rasterized at the client.

Is there a way to display the vector data along with the imagery using the google earth imagery provider built in to cesium?

No, the provider only handles imagery. There’s no reason Cesium couldn’t be use to show vector data as well, but no one has done it as far as I know (and no one on the core team has access to a GE enterprise server).

Man, can you help me? I'm newbie in cesium plataform and wanna show my Imagery from GEE Server. Where i found the servers and ID lists.



Check out the Imagery Layers tutorial:

Cesium has direct support for Google Earth Enterprise imagery layers via the GoogleEarthImageryProvider, which is also discussed in the above link.