Google maps api not working


No matter what I try I keep getting this error with google maps tiles using the maps api with cesium in Unreal engine 5.1
any ideas on what this error means and how I may get it to work?

Thank you!

Zak Cardenas

What happens when you paste that URL into a web browser? The Google server may respond with some useful diagnostic information.

the full link with my API?

With your API key? Yes. Because that’s exactly what Cesium for Unreal is going to do: request that URL. And it expects the Google server to return valid JSON.

I meant to paste it into your web browser’s URL bar, not into this thread.

But I just tried it myself, and the response from Google’s server is:

  "error": {
    "code": 404,
    "message": "Requested entity was not found.",
    "errors": [
        "message": "Requested entity was not found.",
        "domain": "global",
        "reason": "notFound"
    "status": "NOT_FOUND"

Which isn’t entirely clear, but definitely indicates some kind of problem with the key. If I replace your key in the URL with the one in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project, it works fine.

I think you need to double (triple?) check that the Map Tiles API is enabled for your key. If everything looks correct, and you’ve waited maybe an hour so after making changes to the key, and you’re still having trouble… well, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Google for help with it.

@Kevin_Ring I am facing the same issue. Is there any solution?

That looks like a completely unrelated issue @Ahmed_El_Attar. I don’t know what is, but it’s not a connection that Cesium is making, and it has nothing to do with the Google API.

OK, i guess i to resolve the issue, I finally got the API to work but now I am not able to see the terrain when I put the values of latitude and longitude in UE5. I am in Kuwait. Is there a problem with this part of the region?

Make sure not to restrict access to Api, as they asking because it could block access from your unreal engine app to the Api.

Can you check the time on CesiumSunSky? It’s a realistic sun, so it may just be nighttime in Kuwait.

Thank you very much, you are right! But unfortunately, there is no 3D imagery for that region. I.e North Africa and the MIddle East. Will there be anytime soon?

That question is probably best answered by Google. There’s a “Send Feedback” button on the product page – maybe you can request imagery for that region there, or some other contact method on the Google Maps API site.

did anyone find a solution to this problem?