Google photorealistic 3d tiles building information

Is there a way to see the attribute table of buildings by clickling on the object? (google photorealistic 3d tiles)
So my question is: Does google also provide information on the objects?

Thanks for help!

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I want to have information like the adress etc. (by clicking on the building)

Has anyone an idea?

Hi there,

I don’t believe such metadata is embedded in the Google 3D Tiles dataset. However, it would be possible to use another dataset or service in combination with Google 3D Tiles. Here’s a different but related example.

For address data specifically, you could try looking for “reverse geocoding” services.

With these metadata, specific tiles can be stylize or hide and show. In case of google 3d tileset as these metadata are not there can anybody suggest how to stylize tiles on google 3d tileset. Specially, I want to hide some specific tiles.

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