Google Tiles disappearing after some time

All works fine with the packaged version. After some time, wich varies a lot, tiles start to disappear.
Any thougts on how to fix this?

We haven’t seen that, and I don’t know offhand what might cause it. Can you reproduce it in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project? Can you tell us more about the conditions in which it happens? After camera movement? Or do tiles just disappear with the camera stationary?

@Kevin_Ring When there is no inputs the camera get in a very smooth movement in Z axis rotating to a limit of 10º and back. At some point the tiles start to disappear, sometimes after an hour sometimes after 4 hours. There is no time pattern.

Did you see any errors in the log when this happens?

Can you post your log?

Might be related to this ticket…

Hi @Brian_Langevin yes it is. The workaround for us was to set a refresh every hour since there wasn´t a time pattern for the problem to happen.
Thank you all.