GPU and CPU memory in Chrome

I want to avoid crash of 3d tiles in the Browser based on the comparison between the largest memory I can allocate in the browser and the totalMemoryUsageInBytes of the Cesium3DTileset.
It seems windows.perfromance.memory is not meaningful to tell me the limitation of memory I can use.

  • When my GPU and CPU memory is large enough, the ‘windows.perfromance.memory.jsHeapSizeLimit’ is always 4GB around. However, I can allocate almost 8GB memory actually

  • There is a limitation of the size we can allocate each time, I guess it is <2GB

My question is: do you have any suggestions to figure out the largest memory I can allocate practically.

Thank you for your sharing.
My test example is based on the ‘VertexArraySpec’:

      var nUnitGB = 1.9;
      var size = nUnitGB * 0.25*1024*1024*1024; // 1GB of Float32Array
	  var count = 8*10; // try to get the limitation of memory we can allocate
	  var buf=[];
	  var positionBuffer = [];
	  var attributes=[];
	  var va = [];
	  for(var j=0;j<count;j++)
		  buf[j]= new Float32Array(size);
		  for(var i=0;i<size;i++){
			  buf[j][i] = 1.0;
		  positionBuffer[j] = Buffer.createVertexBuffer({
			context: context,
			typedArray : buf[j],
			usage: BufferUsage.STATIC_DRAW,
		  attributes[j] = [
			  index: 0,
			  enabled: true,
			  vertexBuffer: positionBuffer[j],
			  componentsPerAttribute: 3,
			  componentDatatype: ComponentDatatype.FLOAT,
			  normalize: false,
			  offsetInBytes: 0,
			  strideInBytes: 0,
			  instanceDivisor: 0,
			  // tightly packed
		  va[j] = new VertexArray({
			context: context,
			attributes: attributes[j],
	  for(var j=0;j<count;j++)


Thank you for your community forum post! Unforutnintly, I do not have a significant amount of experience managing large amounts of memory in CesiumJS applications. As a rule of thumb, I would say that you should assume that you have access to a modest amount of memory. This will ensure that your application runs smoothly and is portable. Given my limited experience with this area of our API, additional community input would be amazing here!


Thank you for your advice :grinning:

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You are welcome! Please reach out if you have any more questions or concerns.