Grabbing images for a NN to process

Hi all.
Noob here.
I’m hoping to use top-down images from Cesium to train a neural network for a client application. I’ll be classifying the features in a separate operation. But before I do that, I need to gather the highest rez images I can from Cesium of a specific area, bounded by 4 points for which I have the LatLongs.

What I’m hoping for is a way to mark on the terrain (In Cesium Stories maybe? Not sure) with a 4-sided shape that defines the boundary, then output images from within that boundary. Some overlap is fine.

I’m hoping for a way to automate this, though I’ll do it manually if I have to.



Its important to remember that the data streamed into Cesium applications comprises of a variety of third party source some of who do not allow machine learning algorithms to be run on their data. Please check with the terms of service of each data provider you use.

With regards to Cesium data, it is currently against the terms of service to scrap data for offline use. Please refer to Terms Of Service – Cesium