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I’m attempting to set up an entirely offline demonstration for Cesium. I’m finding that I need an Imagery ( Tile??) server as well. I would like to demo and end to end solution (input raw data, process it and have Cesium serve it). Is there an opensource or demo Imagery ( Tile ??) server that could be used for this?

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Checkout this thread:!searchin/cesium-dev/offline$20imagery|sort:relevance/cesium-dev/yyq11EaPVas/mU1jAphaCAAJ

Perhaps some of our community members can chime in with some more suggestions. Be careful though, as downloading tilesets is explicitly again the terms of use for many data providers.

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Thank you I’ll take a look at that.

Also if you don’t mind a more basic question, what are the roles of a: terrain , imagery, and tile server? Are they all the same thing or do they each provide different resources? As I’ve seen the terms used interchangeably.

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Web map applications generally make use of imagery “tiles”. Image tiles are very large pictures of the world at a certain zoom level that have been chopped up into identically-sized pieces (usually 256x256 px). As you pan around a map, the map application translates the lat/lon coordinates into corresponding X/Y integer values at the given zoom level, and uses those to request a tile from a URL on the server. The server generally has millions of individual image tiles on disk, and can easily return the right file with no special work needed (assuming the tiles have been stored on the server in a known folder structure).

Cesium can make use of many common imagery tile servers and structures, and allows you to specify what URL structure is needed for a given server when you set up a Cesium ImageryProvider. In addition, Cesium also needs terrain data to show 3D terrain. Cesium has defined a pair of terrain data file formats that it can use, and also expects those to be available on a server in the same fashion as imagery tiles.

So, the terms "terrain server’, “imagery server”, and “tile server” all refer to some web server that serves up tiled data for imagery, terrain, or both.

Thanks for the thorough explanation, Mark!

For more information about how terrain and imagery tile servers work with Cesium, you can look at our tutorials:


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