GroundPrimitives in IE11

I've been trying to get an entity with Clamp to Ground working in IE11, but hadn't had any luck. I also had trouble finding some confirmation that CLAMP_TO_GROUND wasn't supported in IE, until I started searching more specifically for "GroundPrimitive."

It looks like in the release notes from about a year ago, it was mentioned that IE11 is likely to never support GroundPrimitives.

I'm guessing there has been no change in that assessment, but just wanted to double check if there have been any new developments related to that (specifically clamp_to_ground supported in IE).


Apologies. I meant to link the release notes that I referenced.

Microsoft has officially put IE in maintenance mode and no longer do feature work on it; which unfortunately means the WebGL extensions that enable clamp to ground to work will never be supported. We could probably use some better documentation on this subject.

Thankfully, Edge already has the required features and works great (Of course that doesn’t help users stuck on IE11).