GSOC 2013 Introduction (Navigation Widget)

My name is Vasiliy Abolmasov. I am Russian computer geek and a second year student in Moscow State Aviation Technological University (Russia). In a spare time from hacking software for Russian jet fighters I love working on open source projects.
I want to contribute to the Navigation Widget for the Cesium. This feature is very important for users who want to more control position of viewpoint and users, who use touchscreen devices. So adding a Navigation Widget that allows control position of viewpoint will make it very convenient to use. This will attract more users and will make the Cesium more popular. I also want to make this widget responsive for touchscreen devices.
I have a very good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, as well some other languages such as Java and Ruby, so I would be a good fit for this task.
I would like to send you a proposal for a review, so I could start focus my time on this project as early as possible. Thanks in advance,