GSOC introduction and idea discussion

Hello, my name is Alexandre Pais, i am a Computer Science student from Portugal, currently finishing my degree.

I am interested in the idea of improving the Navigation Widget, but not only. Most of the ideas are also really interesting, and i’ll be happy to contribute for any of them.

I have experience with Java, Javascript, HTML and CSS, through school and some jobs as a freelancer webdesigner, and i also expect to be learn a lot and perfect the skills i already have.

I am currently starting to get into the platform, and through the documentation, so i expect to be familiarized soon. I would appreciate some tips on where to start for giving my contributition or working on the idea.

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Pais

Hi there Aleandre,
did you get started with Cesium? I may have a requirement for a part-time, freelance cesium developer.