Has a noticeable color differences when load terrain and other 3dtiles meantime

In the cesium for Unreal plugin, after building the service with the default base scene, add another 3DTile Actor to the scene and set the raster overlay as a custom terrain service,
do like this ,it will have a Noticeable color differences:

I’m not sure what would cause that. Can you provide us with detailed instructions to reproduce the problem?

This is due to 3Dtiles services that do not adopt the CESIUMLAB standard

Can you elaborate? Despite the trademark violation, CESIUMLAB is a separate and unrelated company from Cesium, who originally created the 3D Tiles standard and operates this forum.

  1. Save vertex normals
  2. Material definition format
  1. In Tileset, tileset.geometricError should not be too high, the recommendation is to keep 1000
  2. Draco compression is recommended