Has anyone successfully run a VR application packaged "Shipping"

Testing the unmodified Cesium for Unreal demo, a “development” packaged build with Start in VR enabled, works, but not as a "Shipping " build. Turing off VR allows it to run. Packaging goes fine in all cases. I just get a fatal error when I try to run the packaged shipping build.

More info… I’m gettimg the fatal error message with bot “Run in VR” checked and unchecked, trying to package as “Shipping” has anyone successfully packaged a cesium project with “Shipping” and got it it run?

found the workaround

The workaround for that is to disable the SqliteCore and SqliteSupport plugin before packaging.

Yes, that’s right. We believe this problem is fixed in the version we will ship next week. You can download a pre-release version with the fix from our CI system:


Please let me know if it works for you.

havent been able to get a cesium unreal package
to run on linux using either development or shipping,

ill try the

he workaround for that is to disable the SqliteCore and SqliteSupport plugin before packaging

Where does one go to disable SqliteCore and SqliteSupport, btw?

We just released a new version of the plugin on the Marketplace, and it shouldn’t have any conflicts with the SqliteCore plugin anymore. If you’re still having packaging trouble after upgrading, please share your log.

hi did you get a pakckage with cesium and unreal running on linux?
I am still trying,
and unfortunately loading just loading a cesium level , terrain , for example, in the editor causes it to crash, this used to work beautifully

Not on Linux, but working well on windows.