Having holes on the poles when rendering tiles with WebMercatorTilingScheme

Tiles over the North Pole using WebMercator:

However, if the image is being loaded as a SINGLE TILE, the poles are displayed without any problem:
(I could not attach more than 1 image here since it is not allowed for new users for whatever reason…, so see link to imgur)

How can I achieve the same behaviour with using tiles (I have also seen that the Bing Basemap also runs into problems with tiles, so over the poles that value of the last edge pixels are repeated:

so is there some kind of option to tell Cesium to repeat the edge pixels over the poles or?


I think this is expected when using Web Mercator, see the discussion here: north and south pole mapping. It has some ideas there to debug this.

How are you serving your imagery to CesiumJS?

The images are picked up from server-side, they are already tiled. The same image that is not yet tiles, and wrapped as a single tile (using single tile provider) does not have the north/south pole issue.

The single tile imagery provider does not use a Web Mercator projection, so that would explain why it doesn’t have the holes.

CesiumJS will automatically stretch the base layer when it’s using Web Mercator to cover the poles. So if you remove the Bing layer (viewer.imageryLayers.removeAll() then add your own), it should have the same behavior of covering the poles.