Hello, everyone, could you please tell me how to make tilemapresource.xml for TMS servie?

I am new to this domain, recently, I need load tms service from local disk folder. I have gotten the offline map resouces, but there is no tilemapresource.xml at all, I want to know how to make this file? I appreciate very much if you would help me, Thank you!

Perhaps there’s another file with the same content? This page describes what is expected:

Hi, Kevin, it really help! Thank you!

I’ve got the same problems. And I cant find such a xml file in dirs(Fig 1), so the front-end(I use Vue-Cesium) just tells me it need a xml file(Fig2).

BTW, all of the tiles are dynamically generated by back-end and oranginzed in a TMS way, but it doesnt generate a xml file. And I reading the back-end codes, back-end just get the URL_LIST(Fig4) that the url front-end sends to get TMS tiles doesnt have(Fig3)