hello,I need help

Why is my UE4 not add blank

Hi @heqizhi, I’d be happy to help. So that I understand your question, can you tell me the steps you took and the result you expected?

Is it that you pressed the + symbol next to Blank 3D Tiles Tileset and expected to get a Cesium3DTileset in the level, but it didn’t appear?

Due to a bug in the Quick-Add functionality, the “Blank 3D Tiles Tileset” button currently does not work when the user is not logged in. This will probably be fixed in the next release.

The workaround for now is to use the “Place Actors” panel: Search for “Tileset”, and drag-and-drop the “Cesium 3D Tileset” into the scene:

CesiumUnreal Blank Tileset Workaround