Help cesium world is disappear

help i update my react script and now the cesium world dosen’t happear the ui it still works correctly , the error in the console is ‘Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined
at createGeometry.js:1:1 f’ for several time

@luca_moscatelli can you share a little about how your app is configured to use Cesium and how you’re importing it? I recently changed that file but not in any way that I would expect it to break if it worked before unless something changed in how you’re building things.

The globe can sometimes disappear because of issues with the Workers loading (like that createGeometry)

Are you able to narrow down when this happens at all? Are you rendering specific geometry/shapes or anything? Maybe a stretch but are you able to reproduce it in Sandcastle?

thanks for the help but i alrady resolve the problem, i updated cesium module but i use the cesium asset in a static file so the cesium work folder was outdated, i simply swap the stat cesium file with the file in node modules and now the world appear