Help_:(, how can i download 3d format

hello guys, i’m doing a homework for the college, i want to simulate a delivery dron mision in my city using gazebo, and i find this interesting option(cesium), i need to download the 3d map of city like obj, stl or another 3d formato to simulate in gazebo the operation, is it possible?.
thank u so much if u can help me

Are you trying to download an asset that you uploaded or an asset from the Asset Depot?
You can download the tiled of an asset you uploaded by going the Asset Details panel and clicking Make available for download toggle. At this time Cesium does not support downloading public assets from Asset Depot

Hi @mdc9001 ,

I also have a similar question. Can I create an environment/world using “Cesium for Unreal” and export that world into ROS Gazebo ? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi @Shatadal_Mishra,

What assets are you using to create your environment in Unreal? If you are using assets you uploaded to Cesium ion you can download the tiled versions with the Make available for download button. If you are using Asset Depot assets, we do not support exporting them at this time.