Help in basic requirements

Hello Cesium team,

Thanks for great product. We are using Cesium to port our software in 3d view.

For the same our basic requirements are:

  1. Place Billboard marker anywhere on globe ( i am able to do it with the help of cesium examples and forum)

  2. add polyline (able to do with the help of example)

  3. Drag or move marker to next position

  4. Click and Double Click event on Billboard marker

  5. Show popup window on marker click

  6. Add a point in polyline ( Example if i have clicked two point and created a line, then after if how can i add the next clicked point in the polyline)

  7. Edit the existing polyline. (means how to add a point in between the existing polyline )

  8. Animate a marker along the polyline created like in your example.

I am able to do first 2 things with the help of example in Sandcastle.

Please suggest me the guide or example link for rest point. Out of all 4 and 5 are very important for me right now.

Please help



For (4), checkout the picking examples in Sandcastle.


Hi Patruck,

Thanks for the link. With this i am able to get click event on billboard, but do not know about double click.

Now i have to open a popup window on billboard marker click. Could you please help me regarding this.

I had tried BoundingRectangle but unable to show on cesium.

Please check the code i have used to add BoundingBox. I am using build 17.

var widget = new Cesium.CesiumWidget(‘cesiumContainer’);

var scene = widget.scene;

var primitives = widget.scene.getPrimitives();

var pickedObject = scene.pick(movement.position);

if (billboard && pickedObject === billboard) {

var billBoardPosition = billboard.getPosition();

var xVal = parseFloat(billBoardPosition.x);

var yVal = parseFloat(billBoardPosition.y);

var billboardRectangle = new Cesium.BoundingRectangle(xVal, yVal, 50.5, 100.8);



Is it right to use BoundingRectangle for popup or there is any other control for the same?

Please also help to resolve other queries like dragging billboard marker, add a point on polyline etc.