Click the mouse to get the world coordinates of this point

I want to get the world coordinates of this point by mouse click in my 3dtiles to add billboards, what should I do?

You are probably looking for the Scene#pickPosition function.

Here is a small example that adds billboards at the positions of mouse clicks:

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Thank you for your answer, this is exactly what I need, can I ask you another question, what should I do if I want to click on this billboard to pop up a window?

You could use scene#pick() to get a pickedOjbect and make sure it is a instance of Entity and has billboard property.

Thank you for your reply, but what I hope is that clicking on the billboard will pop up this small window at the relative position of the billboard, instead of showing it on the entire screen

See this:

I clicked, but didn’t give me any feedback, this is the solution I hope to achieve, the point below is the billboard, and the top is the window that appears after clicking, what should I do?

Open devtools of your browser when seeing that example. The positions are object so that Cesium SandCastle won’t log them.

I didn’t know, thanks