HELP ME! How to run offline and download basic Earth tileset.json

Hi guys,

I am new at unreal engine and cesium. I need to add cesium tileset without the details. I understood operations such as addition. Click on Cesium World Terrain, select the Source option “from url” and enter the url.

What I want or cannot find is this:
I just want a tileset with the shape of the world. I don’t want any representation in 3D. Can you help me find this tileset?

I will use like that. far away from earth surface

It’s hard to follow what you mean by “a tileset with the shape of the world” and then “I don’t want any representation in 3D.”

It sounds like maybe you’re looking for a low-resolution version of the globe? If so, you could use Sentinel-2 imagery from Cesium ion instead of Bing. Beyond that, you’d need to create your own tilesets and overlays. You could get a simple terrain model by uploading a GeoTIFF with all zeros to Cesium ion (creating a perfectly smooth globe). You could get some simple imagery by uploading something like NASA’s Blue Marble to Cesium ion. There are certainly other ways to do this - including creating your own textured sphere in Blender or somesuch - but the above is the simplest that comes to mind for me.

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Hello Kevin,

Essentially, I don’t want any 3D shapes because I won’t be zooming in on the world to look at something specific. I want to be able to work even when I lose my internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Bing, Google, Sentinel-2, or others, because I’m not interested in the shapes; I just want to represent the Earth map. I’m stuck and can’t move forward.

Edit 1: If is it possible with “GeoTIFF” can you help me to integrate my project.

Cesium for Unreal is usually used online. The default Bing Maps imagery dataset is measured in petabytes, so using that offline is not realistic. But since you just want a zoomed-out view… I think my previous suggestions will work, with the addition that you’ll want to download the tilesets that Cesium ion creates.

But honestly, your needs sound really basic. Why not just create a textured sphere?

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Can I use the Cesium Georeference If i create textured sphere? I am asking because, I make an app for track the flights and datas come from local. (I am really new for unreal and cesium I am lost.)

I built this flight tracker:

Sure. Just add a CesiumGlobeAnchor component to the sphere Actor, and set its ECEF position to (0,0,0).

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Kevin, thank you very much, the method you suggested worked. There are other problems, but I think they are related to the world I created. Hopefully, I’ll solve these issues too. Thanks a lot.